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My name is Yuriy Lebedev, i'm 26 years old.

That's my little website about who i am and my favorite work

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. © Steve Jobs

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I am Objective-C (Swift - why not?) iOS developer. I have several years experience with mobile and desktop applications.
I love make great things and do awesome functionality. Also, i'd prefer to make it clean and simple as possible.

What technologies i used in my work:
• Programming languages: Objective-C, Swift, AppleScript, Java, C#, PHP, CSS, HTML, Ruby
• Frameworks: Cocoa Touch, UIKit, Cocos2D, Unity3D, Qualcomm Vuforia, Metaio, Ruby on Rails
• Database management systems: Core Data, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MsSQL, Oracle
• Web servers: Apache, Nginx
• Version control systems: Git, SVN
• Programming enviroments: Xcode, Xamarin Studio, Visual Studio, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse
• Operating systems: Mac, Windows, Linux
• Project Management Methodology: Agile, Scrum
• Bug tracking systems: JIRA, Trello, Wrike, etc.

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Get in touch.

Phone: +7-911-79-54-777

Saint-Petersburg, RU